Restaurants and bars

Since our hotel is located almost on the border between two regions, You will not be difficult to select an institution for an enjoyable evening. Suggest You to spend the evening: *In the bar CORNER PLACE, just 1 km from the hotel. *A café-bar, Disco 80s, also 1km from the hotel "ROOMER". *Restaurant "Maximilians" - 3km from our hotel. If You want a fun and fruitful way to spend time with your family, we invite You to visit: -Chelyabinsk Zoo (2.5 km away) Arena "the Tractor" (2,5 km away) -TRK "Rodnik" (2km away) Park of Culture and rest them. Gagarin(3km away) -CSU. Chelyabinsk State University is within walking distance from our hotel. This can be very convenient for parents students and applicants. (500m from hotel)
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